Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Motel Mexicola

The short escape went over, the time is too quick to be stopped, but memories stand still. These are some photos from my trip to Bali few days ago, I went here 7 times during my time in Bali, O' Motel Mexicola how pretty you are. Will pay a visit again soon!

Unfortunate Event In The Cursed Flight

Just went back from impromptu holiday to Bali with parents where I spent 4 nights in Seminyak. 'twas a terrific holiday. However, I had my ticket home earlier for I got an appointment on Monday, my parents still there until Wednesday because they planned to have a longer holiday.

So I was coming back alone on May, 6th 2013 with Lion Air that has reasonable price to Jakarta. My flight was scheduled on 15.00 pm, it was on time. We wouldn't know who's going to sit in the same row with you unless you're travelling with a company, this flight brought me into something that I never imagined before. On this Lion Air JT 23 Denpasar to Jakarta, I got my seat on the row 11b - which is in the middle of three seats. This is not my first experience of travelling alone – but – what an unfortunate incident I experienced, which I felt like one and half hour in hell, when an old man whom I think is the same age with my father sat in a same row with me.

This gimcrack man who introduced himself name Martin the Bupati of Flores, he wore striped shirt, long shoes, fake Bally bag and skin coloured leather jacket (which I assumed fake as well). He asked me such questions like where I from, my name, where did I go to school, what did I do in Bali, etc. I thought it's his way to greet stranger and he's being friendly - but he was so freakingly annoying - I tried to show him a good manner by answering his questions. I gave him a code that I actually don't want to talk to stranger by reading my book. An abrupt sense of estranged I felt as this creepy vermin refused to understand and keep asking me questions and he was poking me more than 10 times.

I don't like him at all, the way he sees me, how he put his eyesight to my thigh, he is mental. I remember clearly, because I promised my friends to send them a postcard, then I start to write them in the plane to create a gap with this creepy-bulging-tummy-vermin, but he kept his eyes to my writings and mumbling 'What are you writing for?' 'Is it important?'. None of your business I said. And then he asked me my number which I gave him fake number. 'What did you do in Bali?' he asked, 'Can you enjoy Bali with your parents along the trip?', 'Will your parents let you go out with me?', 'Do you have a boyfriend?', 'What is your religion?' 'Have you married yet?' WHAT A PERVERTED VERMIN!. As a person who works for the government he shouldn't act like that, he introduced me as a regent at his hometown. I don't know whether he's a real Bupati or not, but he showed me a paper that reads 'Hotel Tempat Bupati Menginap: Pomelotel Kuningan'. He invited me to go out with him during his stay in Jakarta, a disrespectful invitation he offered – if only I could accompany him to stroll around the malls, have a meal somewhere and shopping (blimey! he thinks I am a little brat who would tempted to go with cheap bastard like that). And I said no. I have a job and I don't want to spend my time with stranger.

During this one and half hour of hell in the plane, he told me that he got two children, a son and a daughter (but why he treated other's daughter like this! I could not understand) he were trying to grab my right arm hardly on the turbulence, he forced me to take a taxi with him for he was not familiar with Jakarta (what a trap!) he asked this more than 4 times if I could remember. As soon as the plane landed in Soekarno-Hatta Airport, I badly ran to ignore him, as I had my luggage I straightly went into the ladies toilet, stayed there for almost 30 minutes. I thought he's gone but Alas! he greeted me in the arrival gate invited me to eat with him at the airport restaurant. I ran and took a taxi straight home

This is my story of harassment during a travel which I could never forget. At that time, I was alone, I was scared, I can't move because it was in a flying plane, I didn't know where should I complain to, I might disturb other passenger if I scream, I was terrible. I hope there'll be no time like this again.  This Mr. Creepy-Malicious-Vermin is not a man to be reckoned with.

Attention to all girls, beware of strangers, though not everyone is evil but you wouldn't know some people might be such a scum-masher, bring a sharp weapon everywhere. I feel blessed that I could escape from that creepy vermin. Keep yourself safe!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Lintang & Ferry's Wedding

My recent project for my good friend's wedding Lintang & Ferry. I made some collage for them that applied on this kit. The request was to make a peranakan inspired wedding invitation, that's why I used lots of red and poppy flower for the pattern that represent happiness and prosperity in Chinese culture. This wedding kit consists of Invitation card, RSVP Postcard, The Guidebook, Tea book, and a website (I'll post it soon).

The Invitation Card

Done with letterpress

The Official Guidebook to the Wedding of Lintang & Ferry

 The Official Guidebook of Lintang & Ferry's Wedding photo pipi_zps606dc969.gif

The Envelope

 Patterns galore

The Process

 The letterpress zinc
 The offset plates