Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Cautionary Tales

The Cautionary Tales is a performance by non-actor and actor located in public area of Sie Kee Gie Junction on 6th and 7th June 2015.

The idea was started from the empty house that lies in the junction. As a newbie in a neighbourhood, I was curious about the building that already exist around, an empty house at the intersection of Maga, formely known as Sie Kee Gie. I interested in observing the building's memory since the building has been abandoned for years and it looked obscure from the outside. Through interviews I began collecting dossier about the man who used to live in that empty house. Reveal that the man who used to live on that house was unlikable amongst the neighbourhood. He had lots of conflict with the neighbour. His presence was a disrupt, hence he lived alone with his hatred and distress. With the aim to dissect a character and observe how this character suited with his surrounding and society, I begin to collect dossier of this uncanny yet mysterious man who were not favoured by many people around him. The dossier that I collected will be turn into a show on 5th and 6th in front of the empty house and will be live screened at Cemeti Art House.An attempt to reveal a disintegration of a character, to push boundaries between fact and fiction, questioning how a perspective about character and the society that surrounds him emerged.