Saturday, 21 December 2013

Vegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup
Performance Video

Talking about sex is directly talking about genitalia.
Phallus form of is hard and stand out, intimidating and painful.Something hard and rough to injure.
This notion is concerning to something that dominating and questioning whether the culmination of a relationship was only sex?

Friday, 20 December 2013

Serba-serbi at Pelicin / Jakarta Biennale 2013

On Jakarta Biennale 2013, I was participated on the Young Artist Exhibition 'Pelicin'. project that invites us to play around with memories as a child about something.
This inaugural edition comes with the theme of ‘Money’. Explores how money plays a role in
private life. Simple games, invites us redefine the money itself.
The work itself consist of video where I sung a song combined with animation, activity book that everyone could fill with, and wordcross mural that spectators are free to fill in. The activity book are given free during the exhibition, contains games to entertain the inner childhood, two of the 5 games are hang man and money bank labyrinth.

Pelicin Exhibition
November 19th  - December 3rd 2013
Galeri Salihara

Jakarta Selatan

Monday, 16 December 2013


Much of your enjoyment at festival is dictated by the weather but this Joyland Festival took place at the moment where the puddles of rain cannot be avoided. But there's always a chance to recover the mood once your shoes have been smudged by mud.
This two-days-music-festival was held by GProduction and I was invited to be this year's Art Director. Honestly, this is my first time art directing an event, I was in charge of making all the visual stuff, from the printed material like ticket, programme book, flyers, and poster, digital promotional material, and also the decorations. Without a help of a good friend Nico as my assistant designer, I would die. Perhaps.
It turned the field into a series of muddy puddles that topped off by tears and laughter.