Sunday, 27 February 2011

rhymes from the dirty palette

numeros, la economia,
la farsa de la palabra,
los nervos azules son
no se' porqui - tambien rojos
pero meno de color

por los numeros pedomasi
y los nervos coloridos
las estrellos estan leohas

yo no quisera abrigas
ni la menor esperanga
todo se muere al compas
se lo que enciera la panza


numbers, the economy
the farce of words,
nerves are blue.
i don't know why - also red,
but full of colour

through the round numbers
and the coloured nerves
the stars are made
and the worlds are sounds.

i would not wish to harbour
the slightest hope,
everything moves to the beat
of what's enclosed in the belly.

by Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderó
from the book The Diary of Frida Kahlo

rhymes from the dirty palette - my tribute to frida kahlo ♥
explosion of thoughts in the time of dawn and it disrupt me the most. Can't seem to accept money as the world's simplest yet deadly problem. We're all going to die, my dear. We're about to decay, the time would destroy our skin, slowly but sure. And the maggots would creep to the flesh, soon... soon... soon...

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


I have unlimited amount of nasal fluid, my nose is such productive these days and I'm running out of tissue. Please let me know if you know aliens, witches, or anybody who needs natural glue, i'll give it for free

Something amusing has emerged from the ground


Probably most of us are intrigued and wondering about what is referred to Bau Tanah Street Gallery, I found it a quite different because this ‘Smell from the soil’ commenced with their phrase ‘1 karya lo bikin pinter anak bangsa’ is an independent non-profit organisation located in the heart of Cikini.

Bautanah started as a group of friends that enjoyed adventures and documenting their experience, and has grown into a substantial photographic community. The community always gather in Menteng Prada, near the Cikini Railway Station.

They believe that art should belong to everybody. In order to realise its objectives, Bau Tanah community organises annual exhibition in public space to attract crowds from different backgrounds. Besides managing the extensive exhibition program, the community often throws an educational projects that play an increasingly important role in Bautanah’s activities.

All workshops are free and open to public, the two regular classes are basic photography class and writing class. They receive practical instruction and professional advice from leaders in their professions such as Ray Bachtiar Drajat, the leader of Forum Komunitas Lubang Jarum Indonesia or Indonesian Pinhole Society.

Its presence is aimed at enlightening human civilization. It does not merely inform, but it becomes a medium of sharing, a hand that knocks on the door and hands out the message of truth for anyone in need.

On the anniversary of this workshop they held another exhibition called “A Sick Basic” under the theme “Rupa-Rupa Karya Kita”. More than 50 photographers participating in this exhibition, among others are Ray Bachtiar Drajat, Refi Mascot, Don Hasman, and Sihol Sitanggang. The event was held on 18 – 21 February 2011 in the walls and sidewalks of Cikini Railway Station.

In addition there are also design and woodcut workshops by the ‘Atap Alis’ community, Pinhole Camera workshop by KLJ (komunitas lubang jarum), a photography contest, Clay-Paper workshop by Bautanah, Ethnography seminar by Don Hasman, and a film screening by Ray Bachtiar Drajat. And a music and art performances every night during the exhibition.

The most awaited performance is the local punk scene legend ‘Marjinal’ that is also known as ‘Taring Babi’, Afra (Anti-Fascist Anti-racist), and Tempe Quality. And its through their music that they voice their protest of the government and the complicated political system.

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

i am sterdam


don't speak i can hear you


don't speak i can hear you

something from the ground


Think of what's in front of you now
Not of what's been left behind

Simple pleasures, to be found
If you reach the overground

Welcome To The Overground - Badly Drawn Boy

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Yes indeed, there's tons of butterflies dancing on my head
Too afraid to ask Trewlaney to see through her crystal ball
Dreaming of macarons and those fairy cakes, also that talking gingerbread who invites wooden puppet to have an evening tea.
Should I look for another or choose the other? or should i fly with my broomstick to popsicle's mushroom?
But Oh! Alas! I kept thinking of it.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Saturday, 12 February 2011

surreal talk #1

i thought a glass of scrumdidilyumptious chocolatey milk might be the antidote to the absurdity of my perseverance.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011






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