Sunday, 27 February 2011

rhymes from the dirty palette

numeros, la economia,
la farsa de la palabra,
los nervos azules son
no se' porqui - tambien rojos
pero meno de color

por los numeros pedomasi
y los nervos coloridos
las estrellos estan leohas

yo no quisera abrigas
ni la menor esperanga
todo se muere al compas
se lo que enciera la panza


numbers, the economy
the farce of words,
nerves are blue.
i don't know why - also red,
but full of colour

through the round numbers
and the coloured nerves
the stars are made
and the worlds are sounds.

i would not wish to harbour
the slightest hope,
everything moves to the beat
of what's enclosed in the belly.

by Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderó
from the book The Diary of Frida Kahlo

rhymes from the dirty palette - my tribute to frida kahlo ♥
explosion of thoughts in the time of dawn and it disrupt me the most. Can't seem to accept money as the world's simplest yet deadly problem. We're all going to die, my dear. We're about to decay, the time would destroy our skin, slowly but sure. And the maggots would creep to the flesh, soon... soon... soon...


  1. Coryphaeus! Really loves this thing, the tone was reminiscing what Terry Gilliam did in early of his works. Ah, dan siapa yang gak suka sama Frida Kahlo? :D

  2. terimaasiiiik yaaa :D :D waaah masa sih Terry Gilliam... belum pernah liat karya2 lamanya sebelum barusan googling :3 hehehehe. Frida Kahlo emang kesukaan semua orang yaaaa :3

  3. ciciiilll ini bagus sekali! proud of youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :*

  4. Pleasure! Hehe. Iya! Gak tau kenapa impresi yang gua dapet pas pertama liat tone disini langsung ngingetin ke Jabberwocky-nya Terry Gilliam. :D

  5. @irene: terimaasik bembem :D

    @riar: aye aye... jadi penasaran nonton deh... cari ah cari :3

  6. OMG !!! this is exactly why i adore you....

  7. @Hafiz: awww :D anyway, you'll come to galeri antara this friday kan? with Rain?