Thursday, 7 April 2016

On behalf of the world that I own

On behalf of the world that I own, I would like to inform that I have risked the inquisition to sneak access of human cadavers againts the edicts of the world and rule I built. There is no power to deny such a notion of taboo and lurking beneath the surface when you first encounter a beautiful feelings towards another cadaver that has started with a turmoil which I explored strangely delightful yet pulchritude, in such an imperfect way I used to see.

I see cadavers in such a poetic way, I see ghastly things allures.

Needless to say you and I both no cadavers, not yet, but as a piece of meat who operates the world by mind and beeping muscles, I prefer to speak on my language, a tortuous way to convey the loath and antagony towards something I opposed and I found poor in taste, again I must say, on behalf my own world.

Sincerely strange,

celestial coordinate system

Reluctantly I admit that I began to give credence to constellation ever since you beamed out the thimblesworth of milky moon.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


The attired is entitled to all privileges of temporary membership in ANGKOT ALIEN SPACE PATROL and may take part in all activities, open or secret, of the patrol. A.A.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Morgue of breathing cadavers

Send me to your deathbed if you wish, unholy grail, undead, undead, undead.
Just you and me and the cadaver.

big fish


I dreamt of having babies and raise them to preserves cadaver and sends me to a fascinanting demise.