Thursday, 7 April 2016

On behalf of the world that I own

On behalf of the world that I own, I would like to inform that I have risked the inquisition to sneak access of human cadavers againts the edicts of the world and rule I built. There is no power to deny such a notion of taboo and lurking beneath the surface when you first encounter a beautiful feelings towards another cadaver that has started with a turmoil which I explored strangely delightful yet pulchritude, in such an imperfect way I used to see.

I see cadavers in such a poetic way, I see ghastly things allures.

Needless to say you and I both no cadavers, not yet, but as a piece of meat who operates the world by mind and beeping muscles, I prefer to speak on my language, a tortuous way to convey the loath and antagony towards something I opposed and I found poor in taste, again I must say, on behalf my own world.

Sincerely strange,

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