Friday, 20 May 2011

Tale of The Mopish Student

So tomorrow is the bloody effing deadline of my final project which is usually called TA (or 'Terong Antariksa' as said by my colleague Rinal). Substantively, this is not the final deadline but a preview deadline of the visual judgement.

However, deadline is never terrible but horrible.

I am not eggsagerrating,


Soon my boarding house room would be a pool of tear hair
I had great hair-fall due to the stressful task whilst Mars is marking its branch on my face as the consequences of the lack of sleep time and the unstable hormones.
It's thirteen minutes to 1 am, yet still I'm working on my final project, illustrating short stories of Rain Chudori's. I re-reading Rain's 'Smoking with God' for the uncounted numbers of times, silhouettes of my father and mother appears on my mind abruptly, I can't bear to hold my drip drop teardrop.

I miss my parents.

Perchance, this is my most hubbub post ever and I'm really sorry for being so absurd.

Anyway, here's a preview of my final project:

And I shall tell my gratitude to Joanna Neborsky,  Frida Kahlo, Nickolas Murray, David La Chapelle Bjork, Shel Silverstein, Hannah Hoch, Spice Girls, multicoloured plastic ponies that once appear in my dream, also the zombinocchio, Oom Oscar Motuloh, Farrokh Bulsara, Beetle Juice, Pampam, Mr. Willy Wonka, Sammy Davis, Jr, Roodkapje, and Inyi the bunny & Popsicle the green coloured elf, for such inspirations. And for my parents and good friends, thanks for the support, you know who you are.

I am about to print the dummy at the dawn.


  1. brain + creativity = civilization

  2. these are brill, thankyou <3

  3. hi dear.. i think i saw you at the over the rainbow thingy at aksara kemang last sunday. anyway, found your blog through whiteboard journal and am adding you to my LOVE links list because I love your blog so much. the way you write and the pictures are really beyond cute. mwach.

  4. Hi there :3 you must be Ykha's sister right? I think I saw you too, you were busy taking pictures of the childrens too.
    I've seen your blog too, it's lovely.
    Thank you so much Tara <3