Monday, 8 April 2013

the unsolved conundrum

My trip to Thailand marked as my very first trip in 2013. I don't know whether I would have another chance to go travel again this year. 'twas a nice experience being in the land that you are not familiar with, even the language is too hard to understand though it is not very far from my homeland. 
The exuberant Thai gave me such a fervour, a mini life I had experienced in those nine days - leaving a mark of despondence as I leave Thai. From Bangkok to Ban Phe to Koh Samet and Bangkok again for nine days. Stayed in a mini flat, away from home, had serene life without the loathe ones, met new interesting peoples from other side of the world. Ah well... I always get purple everytime I went home from travel, bewilderment I guess.
Brought my camera - as usual I always bring my camera on travelling; unfortunately I did not touch my camera this time. A simultaneous emotion between myself and a camera - somekind of doldrums on putting my eye in the viewfinder - for now I lose my passion to take pictures pictures and pictures. For months or perhaps a year, I haven't use proper camera. However, thanks for my phone - at least I got a chance to perpetuate my very first trip without tension. At least I preserved a memory, Alas!

 Too happy with this book, a marvellous gift.


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