Thursday, 4 July 2013


1 x 1 meter x 4 pcs
at Body Festival Ruangrupa

This notion is actually discovering what is simmering in someone’s subconscious means that pain and fear is more like a necessary rather the truth than it is articulating.
Questioning the art within the sense of touch, inviting the spectators to walk in the artwork itself. Will the visual affect the sense of touch? Will someone get bother of it?
I myself find it interesting that in this piece spared the conundrum of the fear and the sense of touch.  I must confront: that is my first attempt of making an interactive/touchable work, the question of how one even approaches what kind the ‘right’ method of presenting art?
Throughout developing this piece, it was something I personally worried over – the question of becoming a merely visual piece or not – I would have said no, not really. Spectators are invited to walk in this piece, to feel pain, to be tickled, and to feel.

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