Friday, 10 March 2017


A mass murder of character in the iOs era and blood thirst judgement.
Prolongation of the mankind I’ve been questioning since the first separation of my parents. Any civilisation has to exterminate, cut down or kill anything to stands in its way.

A pessimistic spirit came down in Friday morning in mourn.

I am writing this in Friday, whilst society proclaims the mental processes leads to harmony. How can I replenish the earth and subdue it? according to the Genesis 28.

Science could have sustained the good relation with nature, I failed not so long ago, intellectual is a bias.
My sincere apology for posting this sombre writings. Nevertheless, I might have twins that came in metaphysical way. I have to be thankful for buying myself this book last year. Thank you self, perhaps you could make-one-self in literal this time like you did in junior high.

Hail Sun Ra! I am glad for your presence in this peevish time though like Peeves the ghost that struck fear by J.K. Rowling.

Physical cosmology context of nonsense and the indescribable cosmic twist.

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