Sunday, 1 January 2017

Metaphysical Harmony of Nonsense

Someone from Kyoto once asked me, what will I get for my birthday this year? a chance to see into the future? or a reminder of the imperfect past?

Not a single clairvoyants nor oracles can tell me when is my time to hit into the veil. What is beyond the veil if I may ask? And what makes the biological expiration dates became the ultimate deadlines?

Somewhere sometimes, unconsciously conscious. All I can think about is the future failure, performing the past to reclaim future.

I was born to be a jellyfish they said, he was born to be a jackal, then you are the moose. You suppose to live in the forest whilst the deep blue sea is my home. Just before you draw your terminal breath please face the curtains with no bow.

Jelly knows no biological expiration dates, we are trapped in this jolly rotten cosmic eternally.

Krazy Kosmic Klairvoyance Klosure.

All is well, sir not a seer. Do not eat the jelly if you happen to swim in the sea. Happy new tear 2017!

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