Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Enter at your own peril

The most woebegone and morose memories in the uncanny night of July. Became a fool with a pint of Ale, in fortuitous I had something I can't rationalise for a naive 27 years Jellyfish.

In the uncanny night I was in a pub with a Jackal, an ale or two we had after a month away from each other. Reluctantly, I put my eyes on Jackal's iPhone screen, the hollow muscular shuts off, spine shuddered and turns my skin pale like a vampire. I looked for something – anything that might alleviate my idle brain. I simply can't whilst my sore feet punching too.

Soon I discovered my life went upside down. I knew and aware that I have risked inquisition towards a lurking taboo, againts my own edict, something ghastly that I accept in a very poetic way.

However, I was out of my depth. They were lots of vocabulary, incomprehensive phrases and references I never encountered before. I forced myself a week or two, eventually I did not survive. I gave myself up, I cried for on hundred days. But I am happy I had not become someone else.

I enter the adulthood at my on peril; I was exposed for the very first time. How to withstand the adult? possesed by glutonny and desires. My inner child jinxed my pre-adolescence curse of the macabre and wit of the peril life. The rest of the days was filled in incesant rhythm of tiring breath.

In the space of disconsolate rainbows, an imperceptible whisper of my inner child summon me, punch me hard on my face. I was wolf down the junk of violence of adolescent in credulous.

The psyche was not satisfy with this banquet of elegant horror. Nestled within ridiculous ambience, there was the time I introduced to the cruel universe of maturity, whilst it seems like a faithful duty in the beginning but it is not, I resigned myself. With responsibility, I am not intended to conjure image of an odd in this mother earth, only hints of characters of unspeakable powers, a construction.

Whilst life remains mystery, though some of those experience or dreams I can't recall. Psyche is disturbed in dark and frightened. Not a prolific mature but a certified adult in this corrupted country.

Very well, my dear, farewell.

I am a perpetual kid but the suspense is terrible, everlasting I dear.

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